Procedure for flashing Micromax X103

1> 1st connect ‘B’ Type cable , and install drivers ‘Cable drivers’.
2> Than open ‘SPUpgrade ” Tool.

SPD Flash 1

3> Click on First icon look like setting and select “ .pac” file from software.

SPD Flash 2

4> After selecting software its name display on top. [Select HW file otherwise your phone goes dead or white LCD]SPD Flash 3

5> Remove battery from phone, connect B type cable to phone and press LSK key (Left Soft Key) |Volume Down|  or boot key and while pressing LSK plug battery in phone . Now Press Start key on the Tool. Binary will start flashing.

SPD Flash 4

6> After Flashing it show “passed “ in the Tool . Now select “ Stop “in the tool. Remove USB Cable from the Phone.SPD Flash 5

Important: Take a backup of your personal data before flashing or installing the firmware on your smartphone. As this helps you to recover the personal data whenever any thing wrong happens.

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