How to Increase Battery lifetime of Smartphone

Here we find out how to extend Battery lifetime of Smartphone. Fast battery drain could be a common problem with smartphones – both Android and iPhone even Samsung and other itinerant Brands. So, a way to increase battery lifetime of smartphone? allow us tolearn the answer here.

Smartphone Fast Battery Drainage Problem
Today, smartphone became a component of our life. Whether it’sAndroid, iPhone or well-known brands like Samsung, Apple iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Nokia, One Plus Etc.
The craze for smartphones is increasing day by day but the mostproblem with most smartphones is battery life. People are bothered about fast battery drainage. So, it’s extremely important to requirenote of some Tips and Practices that may increase and improve battery lifespan so it last longer.

What the general public simply do is insert their smartphone for charging as soon as they reach their office or home. Then they leave their phone on charging for unlimited period of your time. this is often completely wrong and might damage the battery of your smartphone or decrease its life.
Let us now discuss some very useful and easy recommendations on the way to Increase Battery lifetime of Smartphone.

How to Increase Battery lifetime of Smartphone

1. Don’t Allow your Smartphone to Overheat
Heat is that the enemy of lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are employed in newest smartphones. so as to forestall your Android smartphone or iPhone from getting overheated, you need to follow some tips.

Never place your smartphone on dashboard of your car. Never charge your smartphone when playing graphically intensive games because it increases temperature of your smartphone and harms the battery. the perfect temperature to charge your smartphone battery is between 20 to 30 degree.

2. Don’t Use your Smartphone while Charging
Using your phone while charging is harmful to you and therefore thebattery of your smartphone. Even slightest use of the phone while charging stops complete charging cycle of the battery and may even damage the battery.

3. Never use Duplicate Charger
Always use original charger only. This practice becomes even more important if your phone supports quick charging. in step with experts, high capacity chargers can disturb to 70% more quickly but it may also damage the battery if charging isn’t done properly by using duplicate chargers.
Good quality original chargers help to take care of lifetime of the battery. So, never use any third party chargers or low cost inferior chargers.

4. When to Charge your Smartphone
When you buy a replacement smartphone, it’s not necessary to charge it full before use. Most new smartphones include fully charged battery. Just start using your smartphone. At the identical time, it’snot necessary to charge your smartphone 100%. It will be 85% or 90% or 95%.
Never allow the battery to empty to zero. Put your smartphone to charge when the battery level reaches 10%. this can help the battery to last long.

5. Never Leave your Smartphone on Charging Overnight
This mistake is finished by the majority round the world. This damages the battery and it’ll not last too long. When the voltage of the battery reaches its desired capacity, it automatically stops charging. it’s batter to unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged.

6. Always use External SD Card for mobile Storage
This will also help to enhance and increase lifespan of the battery.

7. Don’t Download Unlimited and Useless Apps
Download and use only useful apps. Uninstall unwanted and unused apps. Also try and install apps on external SD Card to extend and improve battery life.