The Genuine HTC network unlock code to unlock your phone. The unlock code is shown on-screen and emailed to you with simple instructions. HTC Unlock Service available  in Nepal.


Our HTC service is fully automated. Codes and our simple guide are shown on screen and codes are emailed in under 5 to 30 minutes, 24/7.

SUPPORTED MODELS NETWORKS: Absolutely ALL HTC handset models and networks WORLDWIDE are supported, including the very latest 2016 models!

Using this service we can just about unlock any htc mobile worldwide that is locked old models and new models 2016! All we need is you imei + model. The code comes from a database. If the code is not available in the database, the order will come back as unavailable and you will get your money back.

When a HTC mobile is manufactured in the factory, it is given a unique 15 digit ‘IMEI code’ particular to that specific model, country and network. The HTC is then ‘locked’ for sale by the network providers. (You can find your IMEI code now by looking on the back of the phone or by typing in *#06# into your keypad.)

By providing us with the unique IMEI code,  can generate an unlock code for your HTC phone and the code will unlock your HTC mobile our database of unlock codes is obtained from the original manufacturers. All you have to do is then key in the unlock code using the instructions provided. It’s that simple.

Remote unlocking is completely legal and will unlock your HTC phone permanently, without any damage to the software or OS of the handset. Many sites offering ‘free unlocking’ or ‘software unlocking’ use third party software or attempt to exploit loopholes in a phone’s OS that can both damage your phone and even relock it at a later date. Once a phone is code unlocked by hellomobilecare, you can confidently use your unlocked handset anywhere and everywhere, guaranteed.

Price: NRs. Rs. 1500/- only
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